Sanctions and Regulatory Compliance

Venturing into unchartered territory

The Sanctions and Regulatory Compliance group draw from over thirty years of experience in advising on matters relating to international financial sanctions including sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council on Al-Qaeda, Taliban and their affiliates, regional sanctions of EU and unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States of America on individuals, countries as well as specific industry sectors.

With the increasing use of individual and sectoral sanctions, they are now used as instruments of economic and foreign policy. As sanctions become more and more intrusive,  businesses in Pakistan involved in cross-border transactions need to navigate through the challenges caused by these sanctions including disruption in supply chains and limiting access to capital and financial markets.

The Sanctions and Regulatory Compliance group is currently advising a number of local businesses engaged in import and export, major companies on cross-border investments, banks on anti-money laundering requirements, and regulatory authorities on sectoral and individual specific sanctions.

Recently, the group advised the Government of Pakistan on compliance with the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and its recommendations pertaining to the domestic implementation of the financial sanctions regime of the United Nations.

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