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Who We Are

The Public International Law Advisory Practice at ABS & Co has been built by an Islamabad based international law team consisting of experts in the fields of international law and strategy. 

Our aim is to provide legal and strategic representation and advice to governments and state-owned entities, international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and multinational corporations and investors on all facets of public international law. 

We offer legal and strategic advisory solutions that encompass a broad range of services aimed at helping clients understand and navigate the international legal and political environment in which they operate. By providing legal and strategic guidance, advocacy support and risk management expertise, our holistic international legal solutions empower clients to achieve their objectives while effectively managing political and legal challenges.

Our team retains strong academic links with the international law community. Members of our team regularly publish in leading international law journals as well as frequently speaking and participating in international conferences and events. 

We are also affiliated with national and international legal and research organizations. Our founding partner, Mr. Ahmer Bilal Soofi is also the founder of the Research Society of International Law, which is a private sector institution based in Pakistan whose mission is to conduct research on the intersection between international law and policy.

What We Do

Legal and strategic advisory solutions are critical for navigating the complex landscape of international relations. Our public international law services provide invaluable guidance to multinational corporations, international organizations and governments in understanding and navigating the intricate interplay between international law, politics and governance. We offer the following services to our clients:

1. Legal Representation and Litigation 

We represent clients in legal disputes, including litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We provide legal and strategic advice to help clients resolve disputes effectively with an aim to protect their long term interests.

2. Legal Compliance and Risk Management

We provide legal advice to ensure that our clients comply with applicable domestic and international laws, regulations and standards. We assist clients in identifying legal risks, develop compliance strategies and provide guidance on navigating complex domestic and international legal frameworks.

3. International Legal Reports Preparation and Advisory

We provide advice and assist in the preparation of country reports mandated by United Nations resolutions and other treaty bodies. We also assist in drafting and preparing reports that are commissioned by United Nations committees and other international organizations. 

4. Policy Analysis and Advocacy

We provide policy advisory services that involve analyzing government policies, legislative landscapes and regulatory frameworks to assess their impact on our clients interests. Our services also include crafting advocacy strategies for our clients and provide a systematic examination of domestic and international policies to provide insights and recommendations to decision-makers.

5. Government Relations

We provide advice to help clients establish and maintain relationships with key government entities, policymakers and regulatory authorities. Our services include developing comprehensive government affairs strategies aligned with our clients objectives and priorities. Our team identifies opportunities for engagement, building coalitions and leveraging political and legal channels to advance our clients interests.

6. Crisis Management

We advise and assist clients in managing legal and political crises, such as hostile international law disputes, regulatory investigations, public controversies and cross boundary issues. Our services include advising on crises that may arise from conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics, terrorism, humanitarian emergencies or other complex challenges that transcend national borders. We provide legal and strategic advice, communication support and advocacy services to help clients mitigate legal risks and navigate crises effectively. 

Areas of Expertise

1. International Investment Law and Arbitration

We provide advice on issues related to investment protection and dispute resolution in addition to representing clients in disputes between states and private investors. Our services include advising on the interpretation and application of bilateral and multilateral investment treaties. We also provide legal and training support to governments for negotiations of investment treaties and contracts. 

2. International Trade Law

We provide advice on matters related to international trade law and dispute settlement mechanisms under bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Our team advises on the applicability of agreements related to the World Trade Organization and are proficient in handling trade disputes before national and international forums. We also provide training and support to governments for trade negotiations and United Nations Trade and Development (UNCTAD) sessions. 

3. International Human Rights Law

We provide legal representation, advice and advocacy on human rights issues, including the interpretation and application of international human rights treaties, mechanisms for monitoring compliance and representing clients before international human rights bodies. Our services include writing reports for governments to show compliance with international human rights instruments. We also provide training support to state officials for presentations before human rights forums such as the United Nations Human Rights Committee. 

4. Law of the Sea and Maritime Law

We provide legal and strategic advice on the legal frameworks governing maritime activities and rights of states in shared oceans and seas. We advise on various aspects of maritime law, including navigational rights, territorial sovereignty, marine resource management, environmental protection and dispute resolution.

5. Transboundary Water Management

We provide advice on transboundary water management that includes cooperative governance and sustainable use of shared water resources. Our advisory services include facilitating and advising on collaboration between riparian states (countries that share a common watercourse) to address common challenges, promote equitable access to water and ensure the efficient management of shared water resources. We also represent sovereign states in transboundary water disputes involving both bilateral and multilateral water sharing arrangements. 

6. International Transit Law 

We provide advice on legal frameworks and regulations that govern the movement of goods and people across international borders by land, sea and air. Our team advises on a wide range of laws, treaties and conventions that facilitate and regulate international trade, transportation and travel.

7. Sanctions 

We provide sanctions advisory services that include guidance and support to corporations and government entities on navigating the complex landscape of economic and political sanctions imposed by national governments or international organizations on individuals, multinational corporations or states. Our team develops tailored mitigation strategies to help clients minimize exposure to sanctions risk while conducting business in high-risk jurisdictions or industries. We also help clients assess their exposure to the risk of sanctions by conducting comprehensive compliance reviews of their global operations, business relationships and transactions.

8. International Environmental and Climate Law

We provide advisory services to help clients navigate the complex legal landscape of environmental and climate governance, ensuring compliance with international obligations, managing risks and advancing sustainable development objectives. Our services include representing clients before international courts and tribunals on environmental and climate issues. We also help build the capacity of government stakeholders to develop and implement effective environmental and climate policies and regulations. Our services include providing training, workshops and technical assistance on legal frameworks, enforcement mechanisms and best practices.

9. Chemical Weapons

We provide advisory services on international chemical weapons. We provide guidance, expertise and support to governments, international organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders on matters related to chemical weapons disarmament, non-proliferation and compliance with international treaties and conventions. Our work includes advising governments and organizations on their legal obligations under international treaties and conventions related to chemical weapons. This includes interpreting treaty provisions, ensuring compliance with reporting requirements and facilitating national implementation measures.

10. International Financial Regulation

We provide legal advisory services on international financial regulation to multinational corporations and government entities operating within the global financial system. Our services include capacity-building services to convert Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Standards and policy decisions into effective operational frameworks on national and institutional levels. We also advise states on compliance with FATF recommendations and offer advocacy and strategic advice to states on engagement with international financial institutions. 

11. International Islamic Law and Shariah Compliance

We provide advisory services on international Islamic law and cater to individuals, multinational corporations, financial institutions and governments seeking guidance on legal matters related to Islamic principles and jurisprudence, particularly in a global context. Our team offers expertise in Islamic commercial law, including contracts, transactions and business practices that comply with Sharia principles.

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