Family & Child Custody

Experts on family law matters

ABS & Co. is one of the only law firms specialising in custody of children particularly related to cross-border issues where the child is removed from his residential jurisdiction by one of the parents leading to trans-national legal battle.

The team has advised parties abroad in restoring children to their residential jurisdiction. Our lawyers have appeared as expert witnesses in highly contested matters in US courts and have also appeared in numerous cases relating to obtaining custody of the removed child both in courts of original jurisdiction in Pakistan as well as in the appellate courts where interpretation of Guardian & Wards Act is to be reconciled with international practices.

Our Senior Partner in his capacity as the Federal Law Minister in 2013 initiated ratification of the Hague Convention on child custody. This has been followed up by extensive efforts and series of workshops conducted by Majid Bashir on pro bono basis for the ratification of the said convention. Currently, our team is extending necessary support to the Federal Ministry for designating a central authority to install the required administrative framework. The team has arrangements with several law firms in England and the United States that work in this area. The firm also advices foreign missions in Islamabad on their queries relating to child custody matters.

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