Overseas Pakistani secures share in his inheritance

An overseas Pakistani based in Saudi Arabia has secured his rightful share in inheritance through a court decree obtained by ABS & Co.

The senior partners at ABS & Co represented the client by means of a special power of attorney. The case pertained to a dispute over the partition and possession of an immoveable property. The client, being one of the legal heirs, was aggrieved by a compromise deed allegedly presented by the defendant. Notably, the defendant was the client’s brother. The defendant claimed that the two parties had reached an agreement regarding the property based on a document, but the client contested the document’s validity, leading to legal proceedings in the civil court of Lahore. We submitted an application in the civil court of Lahore, denying any knowledge of the deed and argued that it held no applicability on the client. During the early stages of the proceedings, it was contended that there was no need to frame issues or record evidence since there was no initial controversy to begin with. The defendant fraudulently claimed that the client agreed to sell his share in the property along with the rest of the plaintiffs. After presenting arguments, the court appointed a local commission to determine the reserve price for auctioning the property.

Throughout the process, the client stayed in Saudi Arabia while the team argued on his behalf in the civil court, through a special power of attorney, eventually obtaining a court order which resulted in the successful transfer of his rightful share.

The ABS & Co team was led by Salman Hanif Rajput and Ghulam Ali Raza who have previously represented overseas Pakistanis in similar matters involving civil and property disputes including succession, inheritance and family law.

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