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Responding to a report by ABC

In 2018, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 4 Corners aired an episode titled, “Behind Closed Doors,” in which the former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Australia was wrongfully targeted by her domestic staff member in an attempt to gain asylum in Australia. In the television show in question, close to 20 Embassies and High Commissions were discussed, however the majority of the time was spent on the factitious account put forth by the domestic staff member of the former High Commissioner. This targeted contriving was brought to the attention of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation by ABS & Co., with the result that no further publicizing of the said
programme was undertaken.

Subsequently, a suit for recovery has been filed by the firm in Pakistan against the member of the domestic staff for his failure to perform the contractual obligations under his employment contract. The case is currently pending adjudication in the District Courts, Islamabad with the Defendant having been decreed ex-parte.

The matter is being led by Majid Bashir. Zainab Khan Nasir, Scheherezaad Qureshi have also advised on the issue.

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