Press Release

Advocate Supreme Court  and International Law expert, Ahmer Bilal Soofi on Monday, 22nd February 2016 was unanimously elected as the Chairperson  of the United Nations Human Rights Expert Advisory Committee in its 16th session in Geneva. Motion for his Chairmanship was put on table by Mr. Kaoru Obata of Japan and was passed without any objections. He is the first ever Pakistani to be appointed as the Chairman of the distinguished committee.  President of the Human Rights Council was also present during the election of Mr. Soofi and later congratulated him. Earlier Pakistan received a setback of having lost its seat in the Human Rights Council elections. He will now lead the 18 member experts Committee for this year. Mr. Ahmer Bilal Soofi was previously serving his second term as an elected expert member of Committee.

The United Nations Human Rights Expert Advisory Committee is constituted pursuant to Council resolution 5/1 paragraphs 65 to 84. It is established to function as a think-tank for the Council and work at its direction. The Committee is composed of 18 independent experts from different professional backgrounds representing the various regions of the world (5 from African States; 5 from Asian States; 2 from Eastern European States; 3 from Latin American and Caribbean States, and 3 from Western European and other States).

In his opening address, he thanked the other experts for their confidence and declared a firm resolves to pursue the interests of the committee. Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Soofi, it is expected that the committee will take up many issues including Leprosy related discrimination, unaccompanied minor and adolescent migrants and the activities of vulture funding in its ongoing weeklong session.

Earlier Mr Soofi who had served as care taker Federal Law Minister in 2013,  participated in the work of the Committee by being Chair of several important working groups and his contribution in numerous reports that have been submitted to Human Rights Council has been widely recognized.