In order to bring non-compliant taxpayers into tax net and to document transactions of untaxed amounts through banking channels, a new section 236P was introduced in the Income Tax Ordinance,200l through Finance Act,2015, whereby an adjustable advance income tax at the rate of 0.6% of the amount of transaction was levied which is to be collected by banking companies on all banking instruments and other modes of transfer of funds through banks in the case of persons who do not file Income Tax returns. To provide an opportunity to non-filers to document their business and other income generating activities, the rate of 0.6% is being reduced to 0.3% upto 30th September, 2015, so that the persons and traders not filing their returns may file the same by the said date and document their income generating activities. The objective is being pursued in such a way so as to promote documentation, broadening of tax base and encourage non-filers to file returns.