This Government Bill introduces several amendments but the most important amendment is introduction of section 15 under which the Bank is now entitled to sell the mortgaged property of a defaulting customer under rules framed by the Federal Government governing the mode, conduct and process of sale. Earlier, Section 15 was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (PLD 2014 SC 283) inter alia on the ground that the “real intent and purpose of various provisions of the said Ordinance was to deprive the mortgagor/debtor of his right to object to the mode, the conduct and method of sale by barring all remedies thereagainst. Such extinguishment of rights occurred without any process let alone after due  process  and  fair  trial, as  envisaged  by  Art.10A  of  the Constitution—Right in property in terms of Art.24 of the Constitution also stood violated” This omission is now rectified.